3. Imperial Rome in the 3rd Century A.D.

Model Imperial Rome

The centre of Rome in the late imperial era (3rd Century A.D.). Detail of the model in the Museo della CiviltÓ Romana (Rome):

  1. Campus Martius
  2. The Quirinal hill with the Baths of Constantine. The red spot marks the site of the the future Villa Aldobrandini.
  3. Valley of the Imperial Fora
  4. Capitoline hill with the reconstructed Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus
  5. Velia hill with the Basilica of Maxentius
  6. Palatine hill
Rome was in this period at the height of its urban splendour. The partial levelling of the terrain and the imposing size of the public buildings in the Valley of the Imperial Fora (which extends diagonally across the photograph) attenuate the originally hilly nature of the territory.

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