7. Villa Aldobrandini at the end of the 17th Century

Stampa del Rossi

Church of Santi Domenico e Sisto with a glimpse of the Villa Aldobrandini from Via Panisperna. Detail of the engraving by De Rossi (1686):

  1. Villa Aldobrandini
  2. Church of S. Bernardino
  3. Church of Santi Domenico e Sisto and the adjacent monastery, today headquarters of the Istituto Angelicum. In the 17th Century the side of the church was - and still is - flanked by a retaining wall, which in the engraving is indicated only as a shadow on the ground.
  4. In keeping with the style of aggrandizement typical of the period, Via Panisperna is depicted much wider than it really was.
Only a corner of the Villa Aldobrandini on Via Panisperna is visible. The cornice of the facade is crowned by statues. At the base of the retaining wall an entrance to the villa, which no longer exists today, can be seen which probably replaced the access ramp from Lambardi's pavillion-tower which by the end of the 17th Century had been filled in.

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